Macarons Fun Party
to Jun 23

Macarons Fun Party

Have Fun making our famous French macarons.

This offer has been a success so I am extending it to December the 30th for your pleasure!

3 hrs or so - 2 persons - 1 price = $95

They can be yours, I will teach you all the secrets you need to know to make those. 

I also show you how to prepare a delicious white chocolate pistachio ganache.

Book your class now, my agenda fills up very fast.

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Gift Card
to Jul 4

Gift Card

Need Ideas????

Why not, offer a gift card!!!

A gift card for a French Cooking Class, of course!
I promise that will be an excellent choice.
I did it for years now. Buy one according to your budget.

As soon as I'll receive your payment, I'll send it to you.
For sure an incredible and unforgettable experience.


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Anniversary Celebration Special offer
to May 9

Anniversary Celebration Special offer

Anniversary - Celebration - Happiness - Family - Fun.

I am pretty sure, like me, Anniversary Celebration is something really important for you.

Why not doing something special and fun close to your home?  I will bring France and Paris where I grew up, in your life.

The idea of doing something special with you showed up in my mind when I was looking for idea for myself. So let's cook or bake together to celebrate your Anniversary with something memorable and unique.

I have recipes for all level, all duration, all budget. Schedule now your day and let's go!

This is my Anniversary's special offer (month of your Anniversary) 

Only pay for 1 person for a 1, 2 or 3 hrs cooking class.

Book it now.

Some suggestions for a special event.
A Bouillabaisse ( fish soup) or Cassoulet (specialty from South Western, pork meal) or this NEW one a scallop mousseline wrapped in a fish.This one is my favorite because delicate, outstanding and really not too complicated to prepare under my supervision or something more simple. Why not!  



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